Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And he's down for the count. (cleanse update)

I can't blame him really and to tell you the truth I feel a bit relieved. I don't mind making myself suffer through a cleanse but it's too hard watching someone that I love do it.

So as I started my day with another 16oz of green juice, Chase enjoyed one of the gigantic avocados that Keith (our thoughtful neighbor) brought over for my birthday. He did last through the whole day. I'm quite proud. In fact, he was in much better shape at the end of the night than I was. I was feeling nauseous with back aches and a headache that lasted from yesterday afternoon till I finally fell asleep. Today is not so bad,  I'm on my third green juice as I write this and I've been up and cleaning and getting things done! No headaches yet or other awful symptoms. Hopefully I'm all detoxed out from yesterday. So, day two. I'm still craving food, I'm really looking forward to some sesame noodles when I'm all through with this. And hard boiled eggs. Weird I know but the heart wants what it wants.

By the way, gideon just hopped out here, smelled my green juice and turned away. He's a rabbit. He eats hay and parsley and only produce and this isn't appealing to him??!'s pretty hard to swallow (did you get that pun?) but it will be worth it in the end! I'm considering going for 3 days now but we'll see. Ahhhh I want food!

Did you watch that documentary from my last post?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've attained the impossible.

I've convinced chase to do a juice cleanse with me. And here I will share with you for the next couple of days our mood swings, and there will be many... (did I mention I'm starting this when my lady time is due?) and withdrawals from modern processed foods and animal products, as well as triumphs, and clear skin, and insides that feel like marshmallows and all of this will come after about three days of course but suddenly we will be happier people I promise!
I'm documenting this in part for a good laugh yes, especially because I've got Chase on board and we're going to do it together but mostly because i truly believe in it! This is not some radical fad diet or an unhealthy cayanne pepper lemonade cleanse, it's A LOT of vegetables and fruits (about 20 lbs per day in fact) squeezed into liquid to allow our digestive system a break and to cleanse and rebuild the body we have terrorized with horrible meats and cereals and poor body, I'm surprised I'm not diabetic yet with all the sweets I pack into it. We will loose a bit a weight although this is not what the cleanse is intended for, and hopefully once we've finished, we'll start a healthier way of eating. I'm not saying I'm going to give up anything I normally eat but a more plant based diet is my goal and I want to do a 3 day cleanse once a month after this to give my body the break it needs.
I've done this before once, for about 3 days and it's the best I've ever felt in my whole life. I can't explain it, it's just amazing. this time I'm going to do at the very least 5 days...hopefully more. Chase is trying for three. The program I'm following is similar to the blueprint cleanse which charges $65 per day for their fresh juices. I can do my own with my juicer and mostly organic produce for around $20.
Okay so here it goes. I've been up since 7:45 this morning and already have the first green juice down. There are two more in my day along with a pineapple apple mint one, a spicy lemonade, and the cashew milk reward at the end of the day which I can only describe as a horchata flavored, wonderful thing. You work through the day to get to the cashew milk!
Chase is already avoiding the green juice as he wakes up and insists he must take a shower first...Let the struggle begin!

If you want to inform yourself more on cleansing, google the blueprint cleanse, they have lots of useful information on their website and if I was rich, I'd just buy theirs because let me tell you, it's a lot of work getting all the juice out! AND i just watched the most fantastic documentary on two men who you would LEAST expect to do it and if they can you certainly can too! It's on hulu right now!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Want Wednesday!

Sometimes I come across items from my fellow creators on etsy and I just squeel in my heart with admiration and inspiration. I have been meaning to devote a blog update once a week to that incredible talents and finds and I drool over for quite some time but I couldn't come up with a decent alliteration. I WANT all of this. So that's what is will be called. I Want Wednesdays. And you can come see what I want! JUST KIDDING! You will most likely adore many of these creations as well, so here I go, digging into my etsy favorites....

Maxi Skirt from Lana Stepul on etsy
Herbal Lip Balms from PhoenixBotanicals on etsy

 I don't think I simply want this skirt, I'm quite positive I need it. It's made from a soft jersey fabric and what's even better is this mother and daughter team will custom-make their pieces to fit you perfectly! A God-send for a 5'9" girl with nothing but legs! Check out their shop there are a lot of staples every closet needs!

I love anything Rose. And the Little Wing flavor sounds divine too! Eco friendly, Organic, Super Natural...This shop is brimming with treats for your body. I want.


 I have an obsession with Macarons lately. Of course they are like a little drop of happy in your mouth but they are just so pretty! I think all food should be pretty. Miniaturepatisserie is one of the cutest little corners of the internet. I work with clay too and my creatures are small but these are just teeny tiny!
Miniature French Macaron display by miniaturepatisserie on etsy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is why I never kept a diary...

I'm not good at keeping up with regular updates. But soo many good things, I don't know where I left off. Judging by my photo gallery, let's start around February 6th. 

**OH! hey look at the time! Happy Birthday month to me!!! It's March! I'm the birthday girl! I love to be the birthday girl... -__-**

my cardboard "cash register"!
Okay back to business, I'm busily preparing for a May filled with Art shows! Yay for Craft show season! I've sent in applications to Patchwork festival in Long Beach and Santa Ana and I'm going to send in my UniqueLA app later this month after I update my shop a bit. I've been a little negligent with my etsy shop the past couple of weeks. But so much has been happening! 

I signed with a new agent! and they are fantastic! They contacting me through my casting profile and usually that's a major red flag but I googled them and it turns out, they're a pretty big deal out here so I set up a meeting. I showed up with a pretty arrogant attitude thinking I'd be in and out with a new commercial agent no question. Well I was in for it, Susan was abrupt, no nonsense, and clearly knew what she was doing. Suddenly I was sitting there feeling totally unprepared. AND SHE ASKED FOR A MONOLOGUE. Here in LA, when you go in to meet with a commercial agent, it's very rare that they ask for something prepared, usually they'll hand you some sides and you give them a cold-read. It's been a while since I've worked on a monologue and I had nothing. And much to my horror I found myself sitting there, admitting this to her, mortified and so disappointed. I'm a professionally trained actor. I've been studying and performing and auditioning in LA for almost 5 years now and I didn't have a monologue. When I asked to do a cold read, she sighed, "I'll have to look for something and email you and you'll have to come back another day." Like she would ever call me back in after the amazing impression I had left on her. But suddenly I remembered a scene I had killed in an Allen Hooper workshop several months ago. 10 words in, she was holding back smiles. She loved it! She had me do it for another agent. Same reaction! The meeting did a 180 and the next thing I knew she was asking me to sign and talking about theatrical representation as well! Praise the Lord, if I had not remembered that piece.... And a special thank you to Allan Hooper as well! I went home, and Chase and I celebrated by finding the Shaved Ice Truck! 

 Next comes Valentines day. I'll try to make this short. I made Chase breakfast, we napped the day away, and then he took me to dinner Le Petite Chateau in Toluca Lake. I'd been dying to go since we moved here! It was lovely, and old, and charming, and delicious! We exchanged gifts the night before because of course we couldn't wait. I gave him a membership to the LA Zoo and he presented me with a lovely sapphire ring. We are getting better at this as the years go on. He's my best friend. Aside from you mama ;)

Stay tuned, I'll be sure to post show dates as soon as I'm officially accepted!