Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Want Wednesday!

Sometimes I come across items from my fellow creators on etsy and I just squeel in my heart with admiration and inspiration. I have been meaning to devote a blog update once a week to that incredible talents and finds and I drool over for quite some time but I couldn't come up with a decent alliteration. I WANT all of this. So that's what is will be called. I Want Wednesdays. And you can come see what I want! JUST KIDDING! You will most likely adore many of these creations as well, so here I go, digging into my etsy favorites....

Maxi Skirt from Lana Stepul on etsy
Herbal Lip Balms from PhoenixBotanicals on etsy

 I don't think I simply want this skirt, I'm quite positive I need it. It's made from a soft jersey fabric and what's even better is this mother and daughter team will custom-make their pieces to fit you perfectly! A God-send for a 5'9" girl with nothing but legs! Check out their shop there are a lot of staples every closet needs!

I love anything Rose. And the Little Wing flavor sounds divine too! Eco friendly, Organic, Super Natural...This shop is brimming with treats for your body. I want.


 I have an obsession with Macarons lately. Of course they are like a little drop of happy in your mouth but they are just so pretty! I think all food should be pretty. Miniaturepatisserie is one of the cutest little corners of the internet. I work with clay too and my creatures are small but these are just teeny tiny!
Miniature French Macaron display by miniaturepatisserie on etsy

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my miniature macarons! And all thanks to you, I think I'm falling in love with phoenixbotanicals too! Great finds!

    Pei Li