Thursday, May 24, 2012

Patchwork Shows 2012

I just had to sit down and write an update on my very first art show and share some things in store for the next! They are only a week apart, it's like a whirlwind and I've just realized that I'm actually here. The stress and chaos of the weeks leading up, have been so overwhelming that I forgot to be excited that I've made it here. I remember planning a year ago, which art shows I would  apply to, and now I'm in the middle of them all. So much is happening all at once. Not long after I moved to Hollywood, I dreamed of joining the ranks of some of the best comedic actors and following in the footsteps of some of SNL's finest. Recently, I came up with the money, auditioned, and now I'm already halfway through the first level and I just realized that I'm actually doing it. I'm studying with the Groundlings! Something I've only dreamed of for years. How did I miss when that happened? The only thing that exists is what lives in this very moment. How easy it is to overlook life as it happens.

Okay, now for the actually update. Patchwork LB was awesome. My spot was right on the water and the day was sunny and I had my wonderful mate to help me through it. I have learned SO much already from that one show. My booth set up was really fun and because my space was longer than expected, I was able to leak back a bit and make a sort of hallway. Unfortunately, I think this was a little confusing to shoppers and the back section was difficult to get to. For Santa Ana on Sunday my setup will be a bit tighter and more accessible. I also kept loosing things so I'm totally going with my initial instinct to bring drawers to help organize a bit more. I had a minute to peruse other vendors' booths which may have been one of the best things of all. An artist close to my booth hand painted teeny tiny pictures on canvas circles and made them into necklace pendants, and he had a big framed sign right in the middle that explained the process. Totally helpful. I'm not sure that all my shoppers knew that my creatures were all hand sculpted and one of a kind. Even though it's a handmade show, you never know what that means to some people, though I think the Patchwork gals are pretty thorough when jurying vendors. My larger items drew in the crowds like the hot air balloons, but they seemed to want to actually purchase the smaller items. So I've expanded the necklace and ring collections, and I'm working on a few other small pieces. Here's a sneak peak to some completed ones that will be at the Santa Ana show this Sunday!
little caterpillar necklace

golden long neck necklace
fox glass globe ring
little caterpillar moss ring

dinosaur scene glass globe ring

Crafty fox necklace
There is SO much more I'm just getting a little frustrated with this photo uploader but come out if you're in the area, this Sunday, May 27th in downtown Santa Ana at Sycamore and 2nd street! We'll be there from 11-5 and then that's it for me until July when I head to downtown LA for Renegade! So come, enjoy the food trucks and say hello! I've got 20% off coupons for my shop and first dibs on the newest creations! See you there!

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