Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Want Wednesday...Felt

When I was little, my grandparents had a mobile home near my papa's job where they'd spend their weeks and return on the weekends to their home in Heritage Ranch, CA where I grew up. I credit my Gram for a lot of my creative desires and abilities. She had a huge art room in her big house with clay, piles of fabric, at least two sewing machines and a closet full of yarn bigger than I'd ever aspire to own. So not surprisingly, she filled the few square feet of their little trailer home with with a sewing machine, and who knows how many spools of yarn, as she'd spend her days when my papa was at work, creating amazing things and listening to Rush Limbaugh (you must love people as they are...especially your gram.) One summer my cousin and I visited for a week and she took us to what I can only remember to be a Michael's or some equivalent, and had us pick out sheets of felt for a craft project. Probably because it's easy to work with and doesn't fray like other fabrics if you don't hem the edges. For that reason I used it to create the letters of my new craft show banner last night and while I'm quite proud of the result, this is about how far my expertise in felt goes. I don't remember what we created that summer but I'm sure it wasn't nearly to the level of talent needed to create some of these masterpieces! You can find them all on and in my favorites! Enjoy:)

Stuffed Alphabet letter magnets by MiChiMaLAND on etsy
Mossy floral Mushrooms Pincushion by FoxtailCreekStudio on etsy

Sunday Breakfast by Milkfly on etsy

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