Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Let the sales begin! It's Thanksgiving and that means SALES!!! I have marked everything in THE NAKE BIRD down by as much as 50% plus, expect all your treasures to arrive adorably gift wrapped and get freeeeeeeee shipping by entering : nakedfallshipping at checkout. Just click the link here or over there----->
Like him? He's my favorite.
And he's on SALE!
Them too! On sale!

Monday, November 21, 2011

christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

I cannot help myself. I have already started watching Christmas movies and I am so excited to decorate my new home! We are still in the process of getting things together and moving. The other day when we went by the office to drop of the deposit, we stopped back by the new apartment and went inside, imagining where we would put the couch and where the bed would go. I think that is a memory I will have when we're old and sitting comfortably in our wrinkles. Someday when we've "made it" we'll look back at our struggling mid-twenties and how excited we were to get the beautiful one bedroom with the wood floors and cute kitchen, and how we went and bought eggnog and brandy to celebrate. I know what is happening now and I'm not taking it for granted. This is a happy time.

The best part is starting fresh! This is the time of year, (since living in LA, moving has been an annual thing for me) that I get to go through my tupperware and throw out the mismatches. I am actually wrapping my dishes and vases in paper this year as I pack them. I think that means that I must be growing up. I remember when I moved to West Hollywood my mother helped me and in a fit of laziness I carelessly placed knifes in a trader joe's paper bag and one of them poked through. It looked like I was setting traps to kill someone! I have learned my lesson. I just have to finish some orders and then I will be heading home for thanksgiving. This month has flown by. I am so excited for turkey and family and seeing my cousin's little chunkalunk baby boy. I am so blessed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We're Moving and acting and shipping and packing....

Okay I am calling this week, Brooke's week of background work/The Naked Bird's Big Move SALE!

My new kitchen, how charming is that?!
Starting tomorrow, I am working background for the first time because this little birdie is packing up shop and moving from Studio City to Toluca Lake and bringing her birds with her. Yay! we found an apartment, it's so beautiful, I'm so in love! We can't have a dog which is the only downfall but I'm still heartbroken from loosing Buddy over a year later so maybe I'm not ready anyway. And hopefully I'll be too busy! Okay, so I've got less than 2 weeks, with Thanksgiving right in the middle of everything, to work and sell and put down the rest of the deposit and rent and move. Impossible? Possibly. Hopeful? I am! We can do it!

And desperate times call for desperate measures, so.......I AM MARKING EVERYTHING IN MY STORE DOWN BY AT LEAST 20%! Even my very favorite pieces, even made to order, even newly  listed things. Everything is on sale from now until December 1st and on that day, I will resume everything back to it's normal price and life will go on as it always does. What's more? For THIS WEEK ONLY I am giving you a free shipping code, my sweet, wonderful, amazingly supportive followers and fans! Are you ready? Here it is!

nakedfallshipping      <-------Expires Friday, November 25th (orders within the US only)

Newest addition to The Naked Bird!
Pretty cute huh? So there you have it! Up to 30% mark downs on some of my favorite things in The Naked Bird Shop (<-----Go on, go visit it) PLUS free shipping on your whole order! That is a very good reason to start Christmas shopping early!

Alrighty, I'm working a courtroom scene tomorrow morning early early early early early so I'd better lay out my wardrobe and get my 4 hours of sleep. Night night!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And The Bunny Goes to....

Congratulations to Derry Smith who will take home the sweet little bunny brooch! Yay! Thanks everyone for participating, keep following and like The Naked Bird's facebook page for more contests, giveaways, and updates!

** Derry, Please contact me, all of your social sites are blocked**

Many apologies for the delay in results. I am finally getting over a horrid flu. Take your flu shots everyone! I completely missed Halloween and I've still yet to get out to the store and scrounge up what little halloween candy is left. My pumpkin is sitting pristine and untouched. I WILL still carve it. Maybe I'll make a Christmas pumpkin. It'll work.

Yay, it's wednesday and do you know what comes on tonight? American Horror Story!

Tissues and Ibuprofen,