Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome weekend

Well there wasn't a big turn out at all last night...but that doesn't mean it wasn't a promising reading! Hopefully by May the word will be out and Columbinus will open to packed houses....

I once saw such enchanting paper mache castles in the window of a little store. They were shaped in uncommonly thin towers, with imperfect kinks and twists, unfinished, exposing the white paper and paste. I've wanted to make some of my own for years but I have a slightly different idea in my head so tomorrow, I will go to Goodwill (one of my favorite treasure troves) and dig through old books for pages to tear out and paste on. It looks amazing in my head, I just hope it will transfer through my hands.

I hope it's gloomy tomorrow. One of my favorite things to do with my old roommate was bundle up in over-sized sweaters and scarfs, with hair up in buns and hot lattes to go in hand, and errands. That sounds so silly but I just adore not having to be somewhere. The thought that I have the entire day to myself to do absolutely nothing or be extremely productive, it's like a bottomless mimosa.

look at my mama's shop on etsy. Isn't she so talented? I love her!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Link happy

I've just discovered how to link pages to text so bare with me if it's a little "uh, oh"...

Tonight we are having our only rehearsal for a staged reading of a show called Columbinus, which deals with specific incidents that occurred during and around the Columnine high school shooting. For the past few weeks I have been completely consumed with stories, photos, timelines, etc. It baffles me that I was so unaware when it was going on, but now that I'm involved in this production, it's like opening up a can of worms. It's hard to just accept it as it is rather than digging deeper and deeper, trying to find answers. We are having a free reading of the show this Thursday, November 18th at 7:30pm at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks. Please attend if you can, it is such an important show, especially now as we are battling a huge bullying epidemic. The full-scale show is set to open in May, 2011, marking Columbinus' West Coast debut.

On a lighter note, I have been updating my etsy little by little. I've got some new birds in there and many more are working their way from my brain to the clay!

The pigeons are my favorites right now. 
Check out the rest of my stuff currently available in my etsy store at The Naked Bird.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Break it in

Well, I have spent about 5 hours in front of the computer now, updating my etsy, researching marketing and materials and being inspired by other artists. This will be brief but I wanted to break this in tonight... I think that ought'a do it...

Also, here is the link to my etsy store. I am not sharing this blog with anyone yet so I'm sure it will remain invisible until then but in the off chance you've stumbled upon this, have a look!