Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's just talk about how great yesterday was.

Can we do that? Nothing Super duper magnificent happened, but a bunch of little good things after another.

My show (work) went so well and I received a nice healthy tip...wait a minute, that sound so weird. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Faerie performer and children's birthdays. Okay much better.

After running some errands and a lovely chat with my mama, I came home and made marshmallows. FROM. SCRATCH. I made them! I've been eyeing them from etsy bakers and I thought, I wonder if I could just do it on my own, and I did! It was actually super easy, I found an instructional from <<< and if you click that link you can see it too! I like the way the lady talks. Kind of unpolished and frazzled. She's so cute. I made the vanilla ones she shows and then I added rose green tea and freeze dried raspberry crumbs (and perhaps a little pink food coloring...did you know that the color pink added to sweets makes them taste better?? It's some sort of psychological thing. I read that this week. I forget where.) Next I'm going to make some malted marshmallows for Chase...and lavender ones...and...

 They turned out very adorably if I do say so myself. I can't wait till my sweet tooth takes over later today and I can try them with some tea! I finished off the night with a lentil loaf (meatloaf substitute and oh my, it's muuuuch better than it sounds. Even Chase loves it!) And then I got to work on all the orders that came in yesterday! I'm working on a custom Beard Buddy magnet and it's so much fun! I love custom orders, it challenges me in a different way.

Custom Beard Buddy!
 Last exciting this for this week, I have a meeting with a commercial agent on Thursday at 2pm in Beverly Hills so pray for me and think good thoughts for me and hopefully I'll sign with them and book a national and then I can afford to do all the art shows my little heart desires this year!
Okay everyone, have a loverly week! Go make some marshmallows!