Saturday, October 22, 2011

halloween bellies, craft shows and bloopers

I should be working on stuff for the art show right now. I have Sun, Mon, and then it will be here Tuesday night! BUT I have some fun things to share first.
Okay so after we won the Sunkist contest, Cameron put together a blooper reel of our shoot. Its so funnnnnnay!

I am so sleepy, I had 2 celebrations today spanning a good part of Los Angeles but they were so fun and went so well. I've got two more tomorrow and then I can really just focus on the show Tuesday! Speaking of which, here is the flyer for anyone in the Los Angeles area!

It will be lots of fun there will be free drinks and treats catered and you can browse local artists and not have to pay for shipping! How wonderful is that?! It's my first big girl art show that I'm doing on my own so it's pretty exciting! I missed the deadline to do Unique LA but I'm sure it's better that I go check it out before jumping right in.
Keep leaving comments and liking The Naked Bird on facebook and leave a comment there to be entered into the bunny brooch raffle!
I've got to be at another celebration tomorrow at 10:30am so I wish you all a good sleep and leave you with Happy Halloween wishes. My roommate let me "face paint" all over her beautiful child growing belly. What a wonderful canvas....
Baby Aidan James kept kicking me where I was painting!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Special Little Feature

What an eventful week. I just got back to the central coast after a long weekend in the bay working soooooo many wonderful parties! I lived in my car Saturday and Sunday, changing from a cowgirl to a fairy to a princess...a very successful trip! And I was able to spend time with my sweet Auntie!

Last night was the first full night of sleep. I am now waiting on my car. She had some trouble starting this weekend, poor overworked thing, and now she's in the shop. So sad.

But, I just wanted to share this wonderful blog, herlittlemister, who just recently featured my zombie head cupcake toppers and now is promoting my giveaway. Speaking of which, leave a comment here for a chance to win! Anyway, Kate's blog is soooo sweet and thoughtful, and she features such wonderful things for mommy's and anyone who likes adorable things! I'm definitely following her now to get inspired and you should too!

Pray for my car!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a Naked Bird Giveaway!

Have you heard of It's basically a  marketing site where you can submit your product once a day and if it is approved, it will appear under the category you've listed it under and when clicked, will redirect shoppers straight to the item in your shop! I just found it this morning, submitted, and my lover birds are FEATURED on the front page right now! How exciting!
Okay are you all ready for this? I'm going to start hosting giveaways on here and through The Naked Bird facebook page so like it, and check back daily for updates, contests/giveaways, art shows, etc.

And today we begin!

From now until the end of the month, you can enter to win this one of a kind, funny bunny face brooch from my shop! You can enter a few different ways! Follow This blog and leave a comment here, or like The Naked Bird on facebook and leave a comment there, OR follow me on twitter and leave a comment to me there! Or do all three! Each comment you leave will count as an entry so maximize your chances and do all three!

This sweet bunny is hand-sculpted from premium quality paper clay, sanded, and painted with lots of love and attention. She is signed and dated on the back and her pin is molded into the clay to ensure durability. Though she is delicate, she is certainly made to last.